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Celebrate Moe Day with Sales on MangaGamer and JAST USA

MangaGamer and JAST USA are offering hefty discounts on various hentai titles to celebrate Moe Day.

Do you like puns? Here's one for you: when writing the kanji for October 10th in a traditional manner, putting the two characters of each word under one another, with the next word on the right of the first, we end up with a symbol eerily similar to that for the word moe (萌).

This pun proved so popular, October 10th became known as Moe Day in Japan. It’s not an official holiday but is popular enough to be celebrated by some, including overseas storefronts such as MangaGamer and JAST USA. To commemorate the holiday, the two have decided to conduct short, weekly sales on many games, heavily cutting their prices.

JAST USA is offering over 60 titles on sale. You will find early 2000’s classics like X-Change, Critical Point, Crescendo, or Brave Soul and more at 60% off. The 33% tiers have games like the classic yaoi mystery Enzai — Falsely accused, the Yuri RPG Lighting Warrior Raidy, and the rather straight Cosplay Fetish Academy. Finally, you can get newer games, like My Girlfriend is the President at 25% off, and Eiyu*Senki — The World Conquest at 10% off.

The MangaGamer Moe Day promotional page has 32 games on offer. At 60% off, you can purchase Imouto Paradise!, while the yaoi novel NO, THANK YOU!!!, the otomege OZMAFIA!!, and the story-rich ef duology are at half-price, among many other games. At the other end of the sales spectrum, you can get Hapymaher and Imouto Paradise 2 at 25% off.

Check out the Moe Day sale on MangaGamer here or on JAST USA here.

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