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An uncensored 18+ patch for Newton and the Apple Tree is available on Steam for free.

We have written an article about Newton and the Apple Tree’s release on Steam and the patches that you can download from PantyPress’ website. With Steam’s change in policy regarding adult content, there is now a new place to download the patch.

Sol Press has released a decensoring patch for Laplacian’s eroge visual novel, featuring a flat-chested girl version of Isaac Newton, Newton and the Apple Tree. The patch is being released as DLC for the VN and it restores all the dialogue, scenes, and CGs that were removed for the all ages version of the game.

Newton and the Apple Tree revolves around Syunji Asanagi and his search for his missing grandfather. After somehow time travelling to the 17th century, Syunji and his childhood friend, Yotsuko Utakane, come across a young girl sitting next to a tree. That girl is Alice Bedford, AKA Sir Isaac Newton, and she's about to discover universal gravitation. Unfortunately for her, Syunji crashes into the tree next to her and changes the course of history. Now, Syunji and Yotsuko are trapped in this alternative version of the past as they try to fix history and return to their original timeline.


Contains content of a sexual nature, including:

Sexual jokes, innuendo, and references

Anal probing (non-graphic)

Groping (Both accidental and intentional)


Full Frontal Nudity (Both Male and Female)

Contains scenes depicting sexual acts:

Vaginal Sex

Oral Sex


Genitalia Switching

Breast Enlargement

Female-Female-Male Threesome

You can download the 18+ patch for Newton and the Apple Tree on Steam for free. There is also a 17+ patch on Steam available as well. If you don’t own the base game, you can purchase it for $39.99 on the game’s store page.

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