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Editor’s Note - Transparency Post: So yeah, I'm now a publisher...

I know, I know! Just hear me out, okay?

Hey, guys… it's that weird, strange moment where I pop my head out of the shadows to let you guys know what's going on currently. Sometimes I can be a bit too effective at staying hidden. Probably cause I’m black, but, you know, what can you do?

So yes, you heard that right: not only have I stepped into the realm of personal game development (sorry for the delays on that project, just a "small" case of dev hell, but given that the fate of the site is very much dependent on the success of that title, you can be damn sure it will get done), but due to some recent developments, I'll also be doing publishing in general.

I always planned on moving onto publishing after my debut title What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? was done; however, a rather unexpected, major change in our industry has just happened. As some of you may already know, Steam, after many frustrating periods of inconsistency, has now made the decision to allow fully uncensored content on its platform.

While I remain optimistic about this change, I'm still rather cautious of how long Steam can hold out without scrutiny. The true test will come when they are under fire by puritans and authoritarians who can't deal with a pair of bare breasts on display.

So, what are your intentions in all this?

Well, If I'm going to be brutally honest, I find the marketing efforts for some of the names in our scene to be just be incredibly lackluster. Publishing to me is more than just depending on word of mouth and as a marketer by trade, I want to serve as a good example in the future for others to follow for a more clearer path to success.

Steam is bad enough as it is, but if your SEO, tagging, pricing, timing, coordination, and back-end optimization are subpar, then it doesn't matter how great your title is if it never even gets the chance to be seen.

In order to further assist the hentai scene, I want to offer my resources and knowledge for anyone who fits “my vision” that I want to establish with Critical Bliss and pass my minimum quality standards. So many devs I know are left completely in the dark with no guidance and I'm tired of seeing potentially strong titles just fizzle away due to bad marketing or mistreatment. A lot of H-devs and other friends of mine feel the same way.

Just understand that by no means is this me trying to "take over" or anything, as I greatly believe in the importance of competition for the benefit of consumers; however, we can't get to that point if there is a lack of a strong foundation under our feet to work with, and I want to help build that foundation when it comes to more hardcore content.

There are a lot of opinions that I have developed over time in these past three years, which I think are important to articulate in editorial form as well. As the industry continues to legitimize itself in the west, it's becoming more important to share information and spring constructive criticism when it comes to pressing issues. Working on my debut title has further opened my eyes to this, and it's been a rather enlightening ride. My intentions are not to cause a fuss or some shit, I just feel feel these kind of in-depth, self-reflective discussions will bring about better products, so I'm down with getting a bit opinionated from time to time.

The industry needs to do better, and if doing better means tossing my hat into the ring, then so be it.

With that said, one of the first projects that I will be publishing under Critical Bliss on Steam is...

Consider this a semi-announcement, since I will be talking about this in more detail in an upcoming article soon. I want to publicly thank Cypress Zeta for this opportunity to show what I can do. I look forward to showing developers what I can provide as a publisher and help them find success on such platforms such as Steam.

For right now, let's go down to the guidelines and my dos and don'ts when it comes to published games under my Critical Bliss subsidiary, and how that pertains to the ethical guidelines of LewdGamer and my pledge to transparency.


– This post was made to inform the audience of LewdGamer that, as of October 1, 2018, I will also be publishing erotic games alongside development of my own titles that are made in-house.

  • These games will both be Western and Eastern in nature, with Eastern titles receiving proper translations and effective marketing when the time comes.
  • Expect me to be rather selective of what I want to publish, as I have a “vision” for the Critical Bliss brand that needs to be maintained. Over time, this vision will evolve as industry standards in the west are raised.

– As stated above, this decision was made due to new doors of opportunity opening in the industry, thanks to platforms such as Steam and FAKKU allowing more fetishistic content on their storefronts. This especially applies to Steam, which has the least restrictive rules thus far when it comes to content (Though this is still subject to change. We shall see how things turn out.).

  • Considering that I'm an admirer of Empress and a fan of more hardcore nukige and gameplay related titles that often depict hardcore acts, this makes me very exited for the future; not just for myself, but for the rest of the industry. Competition will also improve quality assurance for consumers and will help improve the health of the Western H-scene over time if this sticks.

– As such, with making my own titles, revenue gained from being a proper publisher for third-party developers will be used to support LewdGamer. This will in turn improve the content delivery, functionality, and ensuring better stability to those under LewdGamer. (I owe everything that I have to my niggas and they all deserve to be bought both male and female sluts for their personal enjoyment and a fatter paycheck for their work.)

– LG will not be writing any reviews, previews, or LewdLooks for any of the games published under my game subsidiary, Critical Bliss. The most you will see is a banner ad and a few posts when it comes to announcements that will solely be made by me and nobody else.

  • Articles put on LewdGamer that have anything involved with Critical Bliss will have proper disclaimers. Any previous articles made before Critical Bliss was picked to be that game’s publisher will also be updated, in order for maximum transparency to be achieved.

That's that. If you would like to further read into what's going on, you can read my previous transparency article, when I announced that I'll be developing my own games.

As always, thank all of you for your massive support over these last three years. I have quite literally dedicated all my time in making all this successful, but of course, I would not be unable to do any of this without you guys coming to our site and clicking on our articles. I look forward to the day where my personal situations improve so that I can entertain all of you again with weekly hentai streams. Look out for a lot of interesting stuff to happening in 2019. By then, LewdGamer will be at full steam. Stay tuned for some more details about my publishing and what I have learned through WMNAD development.

Snow Daze Willing more than likely be coming out late October. Make sure to check us out.

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