Lick twice for service

Dark Alley Elf, a prostitution platformer by Projekt Wolfenstahl, has been released on MiKandi.

The slutty Francesca is a self-indulged gang leader. The young and prude Annabelle is an heir to a wealthy family. Somehow, life has found its way to unite the two as friends. One day they met up at a bar, and Francesca ended up listening to Annabelle whine about her astounding problems: she doesn’t have enough allowance to buy an excessively expensive dress in time for a party. As Francesca ridiculed the idea, Annabelle proposed a contest: The girl to earn more money in four days admits the other’s superiority, and hands over their earnings. Francesca agreed, adding one condition: the loser becomes the winner’s slave.

The gameplay of Dark Alley Elf will have you controlling Francesca in her struggle to make more money than Annabelle, by way of prostitution. Your job is to control Annabelle in a side-scrolling challenge to find and fuck clients while avoiding cheapskate gangsters. Various city hazards and unique attacks of various mobsters will stun Francesca and lessen her health. Additionally, if the elf is caught, you’ll have to play a minigame requiring you to dodge bad icons, while grabbing symbols representing cash and punch strikers required to break free of the gangster. The minigame plays when you fuck the clients as well, though it’s only about fucking well and not wrestling. Make as much money as you can within the day’s time limit, and you win.

Below you can find the game’s official description and sample screenshots:

A bet between rivals puts the dark elf Francesca in a pinch! Take to the streets enjoying the world's oldest profession to outperform your snobby rival in this dark elf action platformer! Take your trusty iron pipe and fight your way through several unique enemies, going from client to client until you reign among the streets as slut supreme.

Dark Alley Elf features the following:

- Two sprawling stages to explore in your quest to get paid!

- Various elemental talismans to help you fight off a horny horde!

- Art penned by Crescentia - Pixels handcrafted by Boxman

- Voice talent from VoiceLikeCandy

- Music composed by Overcoat

MiKandi Exclusive: Game includes bonus digital artwork of Francesca!

You can purchase Dark Alley Elf on MiKandi for 500 gold, or get access to it by donating $10 or more to the Projekt Wolfenstahl Patreon. There’s a demo available on the MiKandi store Page.

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