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Soft Circle Courreges' prostitution nukige Nariyuki → Papakatsu Girls!! has been translated into English by fans.

Nariyuki → Papakatsu Girls!! is a nukige about two students, Eri, a prostitute, and Chihiro, who’s dissatisfied with her boyfriend. While discussing Chihiro’s problems, Eri decides to brag about her amazing experiences at work, including an experience where an one older guy made her cum time and time again. The story turns out to be enticing enough to make Chihiro come together with Eri next time. Chihiro only wants to watch, but we know how frail such intentions are.

The game was developed by the Japanese indie studio Soft Circle Courreges last year. The visual novel proved itself popular enough to generate an animated OVA adaptation with multiple episodes.

You can read the official store description for Nariyuki → Papakatsu Girls!! and see some sample screenshots below:

Chihiro and Eri, two highschool girls were hanging out at the local hamburger shop.

Just chatting away as usual... Chihiro brings up a specific topic of interest."So like, yeah, I have something I totally need to talk to you about Eri......

I want your advice, or like I mean, I want to off load... if you know what I mean?"It turns out that Chihiro is not satisfied with the sex her boyfriend is

providing and is interested in looking for other means to satiate her desires...Eri being an experienced paid dating slut tells Chihiro of her experiences.

"So yeah, the guy I slept with recently was a total jackpot!"

"Like, I don't even remember how many times he made me cum~""Yeah, you wanna try it out? How bout coming along with me?"

At first Chihiro was a bit hesitant but she soon caved in to the lustful allure of

her friends paid dating stories and goes along with her for 'observation' only.[System]

* Contains a random moaning voice generating system.The contents are looped in such a way that you can focus without interruption.

We hope you enjoy another delicious erotic work from Soft Circle Courreges.

Nariyuki → Papakatsu Girls!! has proven itself inspiring enough to receive a fan-made translation, produced by an anonymous 4chan user. The translation requires a manual installation, but the translator has included instructions in the file. You can download the translation here.

You can buy the game itself on Getchu for ¥1,800 or on DLsite for ¥1.944, with an estimated price of $16.97.

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