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Push! Soft Seeks Funding for Their First Title, Break: The Rematch.

Hentai light novel publication Push! soft has created a software division and seeks founding for their first project, Break: The Rematch.

Break: The Rematch is a VN about corrupting a group of students as their tutor. The story is told from the perspective of Shinn Akatsuki, a graduate who returns to the school on the principal’s request to advise students underperforming in math due to various reasons, like excessive dedication to sports.

The twist is that Shinn is a malignant pervert. In the past, he has gotten multiple teachers addicted to his cock through what he calls training. This led to the old principal being replaced. Even now, Shinn's return is caused by one of his old victims pleading the principal to ask for him. The reason being she wanted to see her master again.

Shinn is overjoyed by this new opportunity, as he plans to finally construct his ultimate harem. One which he will fill with the struggling girls that are now under his tutelage. The challenge will come from having to seduce six different women.

The product is Push! Soft’s first original visual novel. The team is subsidiary of Push!, a Patreon-based publishing company focused on bringing hentai light novels to the English audiences.

Check out the official story description and some sample screenshots below:

Young college student Shinn Akatsuki returns to his high school as an adviser for the under performing mathematics student, at the apparent request of the principal. Although an impeccable and courteous man on the outside, Shinn hides a very dark side to him: as part of his unending perversion, he enjoys seeing girls that he considers "out of everyone's league" succumb to him. Never satisfied before, however, he discarded his past victims. But now, Shinn decides to create his "ultimate sex harem", and with these dark thoughts in mind, and selects the candidates he considers "ideal" as he becomes acquainted with the school: the star of the track and field team, the innocent and tomboyish Makoto Shinjugai, the rich and spoiled tennis player Ritsuko Yasuhiro, the graceful, serious and traditional Satuski Katsuragi, the swimming team's promising, dutiful and charming Aina Aozaki, and the basketball star, Touko Takatsukasa. As he begins his "hunt", Shinn also adds gymnastics instructor Rina Akiyama to his lust after she impresses him with her luscious body and maturity.

And thus, under the pretense of a "responsible adviser" and the help of his one remaining past sex lover, professor Reika Tohno, the protagonist's wicked quest to create his ideal sex harem begins...

Break: The Rematch strives to attain a funding goal of $32,000 USD. Forty percent of this budget will be directed towards creating the game’s artwork. If successful, the game will feature more than six characters with unique endings, span 12-14 hours of playtime, and showcase more than 30 CGs with variants.

You can support the project over on Kickstarter. The game’s price on release has been set to $25. If you pledge this much or more to the Kickstarter campaign, you will receive a digital copy of the game among other perks. You can find a demo of the game on, which will introduce you to the characters and features some lewds.

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