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Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade is uncensored and available on Steam.

Developed by ONEONE1 and published by DLsite.com, Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade is an RPG nukige that follows Aika Amagami, a girl who swore revenge against the “Red Demon” for destroying her town and killing her parents. Luckily for her, she was born with a special power called, [BRAVE], and was scouted by Hououin Academy, a school that teaches young men and women with powers to help improve their skills. Aika, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to become strong enough to exact revenge against the “Red Demon,” enrolls in the academy.

Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade has no randomly encountered battles. Instead, they are labeled with a symbol, so you don’t have to fight repetitive battles. There is also an Automatic Defeat System where you can lose battles instantly. That way, you don’t have to wait for yourself to lose and can skip straight to the next scene.


The Steam version contains Appended contents. (16 CG worth of extra scenarios not found in the original game)


Her home town burned to ground and her parents killed by the abrupt appearance of the "Red Demon", Aika Amagami was left orphaned and alone, to fend for herself in this brutal world.

Aika was born with a special power named [BRAVE] and noticing her potential an educational institution by the name of Hououin Academy scouts her.

It would seem that at this academy, there are other young men and woman like herself, [BRAVERS], who are ardently honing their skills in rivalry.

In order to grow stronger and exact her revenge on the "Red Demon", Aika enrolls at Hououin Academy...



available for a variety of play styles and scenarios.


* Battles are symbol encounters!(no random battles when you don't want them)

* Battles are 1vs1 style!

(even if there are shown multiple opponents)

* The "Automatic Defeat System" is back (on popular demand!)

No need to fight, no hassles, no fuss, just lose automatically!!

(Can be setup in the configuration with / without manual selection)


10 Endings

137 base CG (63 Event CG + 58 Battle Anime + 16 Appended CG)

You can purchase Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade on Steam for the discounted price of $8.99. After October 3rd, the price will increase to $9.99. It can also be found on DLsite for the price of $9.49 (estimated from ¥1,080).

According to a recent announcement made by DLsite, you can now play the game uncensored without buying a patch on DLsite. All the adult content will already be in the game when you buy it. Since Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade originally costs $20 with the uncensored content, DLsite will keep the price at $9.99 for a limited time.

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