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Naughty 18+ DLC for Sad Panda Studios' Crush Crush is now for sale on Steam.

Before Steam allowed adult games on Steam, Sad Panda Studios created 2 versions of Crush Crush; the censored version on Steam and the “Moist and Uncensored” version on Nutaku. There was also the option to buy the 18+ DLC for the Steam version directly from Sad Panda Studios’ website. Now, you can buy the Crush Crush 18+ DLC from the Steam Store.

The DLC includes alternative scenes and images after reaching lover level, alternative text an audio with more sexual lines, two sexy outfits for each of your girls titled,”lingerie” and “birthday suit,” and nude pinups that you that you can earn by collecting event tokens every day.

Get the NSFW DLC for Crush Crush here! This DLC installs a new mode in your Crush Crush game that allows you to play an uncensored hentai (adult) version of the game. New artwork is included, with beautiful high-resolution illustrations and sexy scenes. The DLC also includes the “lingerie” and “birthday suit” outfits ($40 worth!), and extra voiced dialogue exclusive to the DLC.

To enable the adult content, look for the “Uncensored Mode” toggle in the “Settings” menu in your game (it may take a minute to download all the new artwork, so hang tight for a sec!). Just click the checkbox for “Uncensored Mode” and you’re golden!


-Adds alternate scenes for each girl’s final lover level that contain full nudity, sexual interactions and post-coital imagery

-Sexually suggestive outfits are added for each character, including a fully nude uncensored “birthday suit” mode

-Adds alternate text and audio that features more sexually explicit dialogue, swearing, and adult themes

-Many pinups are altered to feature fully nude imagery

You can purchase the 18+ DLC for Crush Crush from the game’s DLC page for $6.99 on Steam. If you don’t have the base game, you can download it from Steam for free.

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