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Nutaku releases Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena-, a card game based on one of the most iconic nukige franchises.

Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena- is a card game taking place in the Taimanin universe, where the titular ninja take part in a three-way battle against demons and the US military. In this entry to the franchise, however, you become a faction of your own. As an ambitious man you kidnap powerful women from the Taimanin universe and break them until they become obedient tools for use in your conquest

Taminin Asagi -Battle Arena- boils down to a collectible gatcha card game. Through various activities or purchases you get to draw random cards representing characters from the franchise, each with its own stat values and special skills.

The game features only two stats: attack and defense. You create two decks each composed of four cards. One is used as you attack deck and the other as your defense deck. Additionally, the two decks share your main card, referred to as the leader. In most form of combat in the game, the total attack value of the attacker’s deck is compared with the defender’s defense. The larger number wins.

This simple dynamic is expanded upon by various skills the cards may posses. They may raise or lower certain values by varying amounts under specific conditions. Additionally, some game modes slightly spin the combat system’s idea. For example, bosses and raid bosses may be challenged multiple times in a row, and will retain the damage dealt to them even if you lose, making it so you're able to win through multiple approaches. In case of raid bosses, you can also add the leader card of one of your friends or recently met players to your deck for the duration of the fight, giving you six cards in total and a boost to damage.

Cards can be leveled by merging them with others, which rises their stats and improves their skills. Cards rated two stars or higher will provide VN style eroge cutscenes upon reaching a certain level, dependent on their rank. Such cutscenes appear in the quest mode as well, where they portray the game’s story.

You can play Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena- over on Nutaku for free.

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