Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Details involving gameplay and the new love interest in Catherine: Full Body have been revealed.

We covered the launch date and other details regarding Catherine: Full Body in previous articles, but now, Atlus has provided more information about what’s new in this expansion of the original game, Catherine.

For starters, the characters are getting more development. Vincent Brooks (voiced by Kouichi Yamadera), the protagonist of the game, will be choosing between three love interests instead of two. There will be twenty more animated scenes, including new scenes with the original love interests, Katherine, Vincent’s girlfriend, and Catherine, Vincent’s cheating partner. These heroines are also getting new stories and endings.

There is a new animated scene, introducing the the start of Katherine (voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi) and Vincent’s relationship and background on how the two were classmates in high school.

Catherine (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro), who is described as a self-proclaimed “cooking expert,” will have more scenes of her daring advances on Vincent. There is also an option to change Catherine’s voice in the game. Aside from the default voice, Miyuki Sawashiro, you can change it to Mamiko Noto. Nine other voices will be made available through DLC.

The newest love interest, Qatherine or Rin (voiced by Aya Hirano), is an innocent girl who was saved by Vincent when she was being chased. There are mysteries surrounding her appearance in Vincent’s life since she has no other memories besides her name. In contrast to Katherine’s strong will and level headed personality and Catherine’s free spirited and assertive approach to life, Rin is simple-minded and keeps to pure values.

Catherine: Full Body has received adjustments to the game difficulty as well. There are four difficulty modes: Safety, Easy, Normal, and Hard. The newest mode, Safety, is for people who are bad at puzzle games and just want to enjoy the story. There will be no traps, time limit, or game overs. Traps will be surrounded in cages, making it safe for Vincent traverse the level. There is also an Auto-Play Mode, where Vincent automatically climbs the shortest route to the end. If you don’t want to waste time on puzzles at all, you are now able to skip them.

For those who liked the puzzles in the original Catherine, there are over 500 stages. Players will have the option to choose between the standard puzzles in Catherine or the new puzzles in Catherine: Full Body. The stages in standard mode are similar to the ones in the original, but there have been some adjustments that make the puzzles easier to play. Depending on the choices you make throughout the game, new stages will appear, making each playthrough a new experience.

There will be a limited edition of Catherine: Full Body for both the PS4 and PS Vita, called Dynamite Full Body Box. This includes the game, soundtrack for Catherine and Catherine: Full Body and a recording of the voice actor round table, a 44-page art book, and two DLC codes. The DLC includes Catherine's full voice set and Nero Glasses, which are glasses that Vincent will wear during event scenes and when he is at the bar. These strange glasses also have the ability to make everyone appearing at the bar and in event scenes wear sexy pajamas.

Catherine: Full Body is scheduled to release in Japan on February 14, 2019, for the PS4 and PS Vita. Information about the game was posted on You can find a translation of this news in an article from Gematsu. If you want to see more about Catherine: Full Body, check out the official website. Please note the official site is in Japanese.

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