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Pony Waifu Sim, a My Little Pony dating sim parody from StudioWhy, sees the release of Alpha 3.0.

StudioWhy has released a point-and-click dating sim titled Pony Waifu Sim. Pony Waifu Sim is a eroge parody of the cartoon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The names of the iconic ponies have been changed; Twilight Sparkle is Purple Smart, Rarity is Charity, Applejack is Applesack, etc. You can change the first names, last names, and nicknames to the original character names or just change them to whatever you want — this also applies to naming the protagonist.

In the game, you play as a human that travels through a large mirror in your attic to a strange land where magical ponies can talk and live their lives similar to humans. The first pony you meet is Purple Smart, an alicorn who created the portal that you came through. While speaking to her, Purple was suddenly grabbed by tentacles coming from the portal she opened up. After trying different “tools” in the lab to get the portal machine to stop, you attack it with a horse dildo. This works, but now the machine is broken and you are stuck in this new world.

Pony Waifu Sim lets you spend time with the mane six, but StudioWhy states that there will be more dateable ponies in the future. The alpha functions as a point-and-click game where time passes depending on how you choose to spend your your day. You can spend time with one of the ponies or work at the Hayburger to earn bits, the currency in MLP. Bits can be spent on items that you can give to other ponies to raise their affection.

StudioWhy plans to add more gameplay and dating sim mechanics such as interactive minigames and town events where you can take your special somepony on a date. The sex scenes with each of the ponies will also be animated and interactable.

Pony Waifu Sim is a FREE adult Dating Sim/Visual Novel/Adventure Game where you play as a human who travels across dimensions to a strange world full of magical talking ponies!

Gameplay Features:

- Six unique ponies with distinct personalities to date! (More to come in the future)

- Dynamic character dates with branching dialogue!

- Many different areas to explore and items to click on or collect!

- Rename-able characters and custom themes!

- Minigames!

Planned Content:

- Interactive animated adult scenes for each character!

- Many more dates with unique adventures, puzzles, and challenges!

- Town events you can take your waifu(s) to!

- Interactive head pats, boops, and brushie brushie!

- Eventual additional characters with their own scenes to date!

If you are interested in Pony Waifu Sim, you can download the alpha on their announcement post. If you like what StudioWhy is doing, support them by donating to their Patreon.

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