Putting the D in the double D.

Furry Visual Novel Date a Mink Released on Nutaku

Date a Mink is a short, simple visual novel about trying to date and form a relationship with a mink girl from furrgroup, now available on Nutaku.

Date a Mink provides you with a pretty simple premise. You're in the shoes of a barista at a coffee shop who has the hots for one of the regulars; a mink girl named Eris. She has been noticing how much you've been checking her out whenever she comes in and takes the incentive to flirt with you, asking if you'd like to go with her on a date.

It is a simple and short visual novel going over the two dates you can take Eris on and the decisions you make along the way. Depending on what choices you make, you can see multiple endings along with short non-animated scenes of dicking the mink that you can revisit in the gallery after viewing. The paths range from Eris being disappointed in your actions and having weird, awkward break-up sex, to the two of you thinking optimistically about the future that you will both share, to finding yourself dead with a ghost trying to straddle your spirit.

You can find the game on Nutaku for $5.00, or 500 Nutaku Gold available for Windows and Mac operating systems. The game also features an original soundtrack that will come with the download.

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