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The space exploring dating sim How to PUA (Space) has been released on Nutaku.

Developed and Published by HTSS Games, How to PUA (Space) is a visual novel that lets you explore the depths of space while improving your social skills — supposedly.

You play as the commander of a small research vessel, the NSFW Cauldron. On board, you will have the opportunity to date girls and explore space by playing puzzle games. Talk to your female companions and make choices that will decide whether they see you as attractive or not. The game will give your feedback on your decisions and explain why your choice was right or wrong. You can also get closer to your chosen girl by playing a match-three game. Gain the affection of that girl and you will be rewarded with an animated sex scene.

A dating-sim that augments your real life dating skills! Become the commander of a small science vessel (including a perverted AI), and meet the girls aboard your ship, all while training real life social skills. Can it get any better? Oh yes, it can. There’s Nudity (obviously).

Key Game Features

•Fully Animated Sex Scenes

•Subconscious RL Dating skill improvement

•Space Exploration with LAZORS!!! (Wait, that was in the trailer already^^°°°)

•3 cute and (partially) sweet girls to date – and a low-key perverted ship AI

•A Tsundere in consentual bondage


•A not too unique Match-3 System (wait, shouldn’t this be just the Pro’s of this game?)


You can purchase PC compatible How to PUA (Space) from Nutaku for $3.99 or 399 Nutaku Gold.

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