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A crowdfunding campaign is now live for a new isekai roguelike eroge, titled Dungeons of Oblivion.

Dungeons of Oblivion is a roguelike RPG project. Intended to be an anime parody, the game will have players take control of four heroes coming from the modern times, who were transported into a Renaissance-era fantasy world. The only way for them to come back is to venture through a cursed dungeon which corrupts the minds of its visitors. Players will have to equip and level up their party, push forth as much as their sanity allows them, and then pull back to recuperate.

The project aims to play in the vein of niche JRPGs, such as Alundra, Persona, and Xenogears. The development team's plan is to produce a game that is purely a piece of entertainment, rather than a politicized statement. The base Indiegogo project is meant to help put one foot in the door by helping cover the costs for proper equipment and licensing costs. Past that, a proper demo will be produced and Dungeons of Oblivion will become a Patreon project. The official description of the game is as follows:

’Its inspired by Isekai(Different World) manga. The protagonists were spirited away from their daily lives and found themselves in a mysterious city, seemingly straight out of the Renaissance mixed with early 90’s technology, while an ominous dungeon looms over it.

Their goal is to return home. To do so, they need to clear the dungeon. The problem? That dungeon is cursed. It turns whoever enters into mindless monsters. It can be resisted, though, and the victims can eventually be saved if they get out of the dungeon before their minds go beyond the point of no return. All is not lost, however, because just as the Dungeon curses its participants, it also grants them great power. Enormous –and very addicting- power. How will you manage to guide our protagonists into acquiring such coveted power without turning them into brainless denizens of a random Dungeon floor, is up to you.

The game will play as your standard, run of the mill retro JRPG. Think niche titles such as Alundra, Curse of the Great Curry God, Persona and Xenogears. You get into the procedurally generated dungeon in order to obtain what we call Dharmic Essence, money and items, which you then use in the city in order to grow the main characters attributes and relationships. The whole main loop is something like this: Enter the dungeon -> Kill monsters, collect resources -> Get out before your mind is corrupted beyond repair -> Train to increase your attributes and resistance to mind corruption, chill out with the homies, buy or enhance gear -> Enter the dungeon.

A much more simplistic alpha is already available, although everything in it is considered a placeholder. The game is going to feature randomly-generated dungeons explored on a top-down map. Turn-based fights against monsters will take place in a side-by-side view and feature naughty elements like clothing damage. Characters will also grow their breasts size over time. In the demo, this happens every time a fight is won. As the FAQ states:

It’s there because at the time I started planning this game, there was this controversy surrounding Omega Labyrinth Z. That game got its localization cancelled because of the “concerns” some sensible folks raised, so I decided to steal the mechanic and incorporate it into my own game as a protest and also because I do what I want.

If you’re interested in Dungeons of Oblivion, you can find out more and support the project over on Indiegogo. Due to current financial issues, there are no additional rewards offered for backers. This may change if the game exceeds its original goal of $5,000. If the campaign is successful, the game will seek continuous funding on Patreon. Dungeons of Oblivion is planned for release in three versions: a prude one, an R-rated one, and an extreme Patreon-only edition, filled with fetishes.

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