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Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth is now available in English on JAST USA.

Developed by studio Circle Exelga, Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth is the first of two-part monster girl-on-man rape visual novels. The game’s story takes place in a fantasy kingdom, the Theocracy of Lescatie, which was conquered and corrupted by demons, yet a dedicated religious organization still fights, trying to reclaim it.

The game puts you in the shoes of Eristia who’s been tasked with investigating the local ruins. She and her squire depart. Their adventure quickly becomes a constant spiral of Erisa becoming corrupted, turning into a monster girl, and then pleasuring herself with the use of her squire.

The game has been made using RPG Maker MV and features exploration segments; however, it does not contain combat and is heavily story-focused. The game’s art is composed of custom pixel art sprites with animated sex scenes for 11 monster girls.

The game is strongly inspired by The Monster Girl Encyclopedia and has been made under licensing and supervision of Kenkou Cross, but isn’t a part of the official monster girl canon.

You can read the official description and check out the screenshots below:


The Theocracy of Lescatie, illuminated by the Power of the Chief God and the birthplace of heroes, was humanity's hope. Yet, in one night this land was turned into a country of love and pleasure by the hand of Druella, the Demon Lord's daughter and the fourth princess of the Demon Realm.

The Order of the Chief God have gathered their soldiers to take back The Theocracy.

About This Game


RPG-style exploration x Interspecies sex scenes (11 monster types).

Romance and hentai with a lush, sweet atmosphere.

Highly recommended to fans of adult fantasy settings.

Beautiful 16-bit style character sprites.


This game uses pixel art style graphics, and so the mature-content images natively have mosaics as part of the art style. This is as the game developer intended.

You can purchase Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth on JAST USA for $11.49 or on DLsite for $11.50 (1,296JPY). There is also a demo of the game available on the DLsite store page.

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