Now supporting one handed controls

Mandy’s Room, a virtual reality nukige from developer and publisher HFT Games, has been released on Nutaku.

Mandy’s Room was developed and published by HFT Games. The game was made to be a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but it can still be enjoyed without VR equipment.

Mandy is a bubbly eighteen-year-old college student who lives at home with her mom and step-dad. She mostly spends time alone in her room, but you have been invited inside. In her room, you will get to know her secrets and the naughty things she likes to do. As Mr. Jenkins, Mandy’s robotic personal diary device, you are capable of reading Mandy’s mind and watching her play with herself.

Interact with Mandy by nodding or shaking your head, or, if you are not using VR, moving your mouse. Have fun watching her dance, pass the time, and masturbate with her fingers and devices in the comfort of her own room. The controls are simple and there are no puzzles or wrong answers. All you can do is enjoy the view.

Key Game Features

•Full English voiceover by a Professional Voice Actress.

•An erotic story from start to finish that is pleasant, titillating and enjoyable.

•A casual, easy to follow experience meant to be enjoyed while relaxing hands-free in your favorite chair.

•High-Resolution, High-definition visuals and animations.

•Dynamic body physics.

•A lead character that is cute, sweet, happy and fun, and multi-orgasmic.

•Simple, casual interactions through Nods and Head Shakes.

•Full VR compatibility for Oculus and Vive.

•Humor, pop-culture references and Easter-eggs.

•'Naughty' language.

•'Intimate moments' filled with lip-biting, moans, shouts and squeals, with quite a few giggles mixed in.

•Female Masturbation. Lots and lots of Female Masturbation.

•Available for Windows and Mac

If you are interested in Mandy’s Room, you can buy it on Nutaku for $17.99.

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