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Japanese developer Ninetail is trying to bring their flagship series westward by Kickstarting the English release of VenusBlood FRONTIER

VenusBlood is a long-running series of eroge games featuring a total of ten titles released in Japan, and another on its way scheduled for release by the end of this year. Given its success, the series developer Ninetail has plans to release one of the game’s installments in English but requires financial support in order to do so.

SRPG visual novel VenusBlood FRONTIER is the sixth game released in the series. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that has experienced the war between demons and gods dubbed Ragnarok. Humanity has barely survived that horrific period in history. The survivors have been taken to the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil, a place divided into five sky islands governed by goddesses.

Peace is not to last, however, as the demon king wants to take over the floating continent, and enlists his children to do it. Whoever can claim the Heart of Yggdrasil will become the new heir to the underworld’s throne. One demon willing to participate in this contest is the game’s protagonist, Loki.

As Loki, the player will be tasked with defeating the five goddesses and conquering their islands, as well as eradicating the five other heirs. The gameplay is divided into two parts: a strategy role-playing game, and a choice-driven visual novel.

In the strategic portion of the game, the player can construct armies from over a hundred unique, recruitable units. Each has its own custom stats, can be equipped with items, and will level up through fighting. The player can have up to ten active squads of up to six units, which can be used to invade various locations spread throughout the continent. Battles take place through a simple turn-based system. Conquered lands can then be used to construct various buildings opening up more strategic options.

The VN portion of the game will have Loki interacting with the five goddesses and the five heirs. It’s up to the player whether Loki will charm the goddesses with his nice personality and slowly win them over, or put them through torture corrupting their very nature and perhaps even breaking their minds. The game’s lewd aspects get as hardcore as you let them. Additionally, Ninetail plans to release a non-pornographic version of the game, with the adult content being available through a free decensoring patch.

The game main cast will consist of 15 characters. Your action will lead towards different endings, selected separately for Loki and some of the key actors. As the game’s protagonist, Loki will receive partial voice acting, while the remaining cast will be fully voiced.

If you found yourself interested in VenusBlood FRONTIER consider supporting it on Kickstarter, where you can also get a free trial version of the game. The project’s base goal has been set to $148,561. The campaign will last for a month, until October 20th. If it succeeds, the game will be scheduled for release in December 2019.

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