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Making use of Steam’s new policy, Razzart Visual updates their visual novels with an official adult content DLC in place of the older external patches.

Razzart Visual is an independent VN developer focused on yuri content. Razz began work back in the day making yuri webcomics, and transitioned to VNs over time. After releasing numerous titles on Steam, which had recently changed its policy, Razz now began updating them with adult content DLCs, a more convenient way of decensoring games than external patches. So far two games have received this treatment: Love Ribbon and Wolf Tails.

Love Ribbon is an incestuous visual novel released last year. It tells a romantic story of a girl named Iris whose world is turned upside-down when she finds out that she’s got a sister. A sister that is stunningly attractive, albeit unexpectedly opposite in personality. While Iris is an honor student, her new sister-crush Zoey is a bit of a delinquent, freely skipping classes and disrespecting the rules.

The game features sparse pornographic content and focuses mostly on lovely lesbian romance told through a four hours long story with nice artwork and occasional animation. You can find out more about it in our review.

Wolf Tails was released this May. It’s about a protagonist with gender of your choosing, who retires from society into the mountains. In their cabin, the player finds a freezing wolf kemonomimi. Seeing her close to dying naturally prompts the protagonist to help her out. Not long after she recovers, another of her kind reaches the cabin. Tasked with bringing the lost girl back into her wolf girl society, this woman has an aura of importance. As the plot develops, the protagonist ends up as a mediator of sorts for the two wolf girls' conflict.

The game is choice-driven and features multiple endings, albeit it’s short on a singular playthrough. The player’s chosen gender not only provides appropriate CG’s, but also alerts dialogues.

You can purchase both games on their store pages and get the adult content patches for free. Both Love Ribbon and Wolf Tails cost $9.99. You can find their respective decensoring DLC here for Love Ribbon and here for Wolf Tails. Notice that if you haven’t opted-in for adult content in your Steam store preferences, you will have to do so to access the DLCs.

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