All Chest Sizes Matter

Shanbahak is early in development with Lewd Maze, an adult dungeon crawler with heavy futanari and monster girl content.

Lewd Maze puts you in command of a simple party comprised of a particularly lewd elf and a horny cat girl as they search through a dungeon in search of treasures. This dungeon used to be filled with a vast expanse of nothing before it was suddenly teaming with life and treasure, drawing in hordes of scantly clad female adventurers. Your elf and cat girl have some customization to them, as you can give them a name and can choose from a selection of two melee classes, an archer class, or a magic using class for each. Unfortunately the game currently only supports a single save file, so it's difficult to experiment with class combinations to find out which two classes you enjoy playing with the most.

The combat system isn't fleshed out, but the game is loaded with very well-crafted spritework animations of your girls getting fucked. While there's a few male characters, the bulk of the enemies are going to be futanari and range from imps to centaurs to slime girls. If an imp or succubus successfully casts lust on one of your girls, she will spend her next turn getting dicked down in turns by every enemy still standing. While this will allow you to see the animated sprites, your girl will also take damage for each monster that ends up fucking her. Also, keep in mind that currently the cat girl animations will automatically end after climax, but the elf girl animations will continue to loop until you close them.

If you are interested in supporting Lewd Maze you can support and follow Shanbahak on their Patreon. If you want to keep up with the current public release you can follow the creator's Tumblr, which also has some nice GIFs from the game posted on it. The releases have two posted links — with the first link going to the Windows download and the second link going to the Linux download. Shanbahak also hopes to have a new public release out this week.

For more of the latest in the lewd game news, you can follow LewdGamer on our Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

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