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Dharker Studio has released Negligee: Love Stories, a prequel to one of their previous titles, on Nutaku and Steam.

Negligee: Love Stories features four separate, distinct stories. It was written as a prequel to Dharker Studio’s Negligee and looks into the past of the future ex-owner and employees of Negligee: Karen, Jasmin, Charlotte, and Sophie. Each girl gets to be a protagonist in her own portion of the game, each with diverging story routes and multiple endings.

The stories focus on the themes of adult industry and sexual freedom. Karen has to deal with an abusive relationship, Jasmin is indecisive about her career as a stripper, Charlotte cannot withhold her lesbian desires, and Sophie is about to face the downsides of her sexually unrestrained lifestyle.

Negligee: Love Stories was initially a Kickstarter campaign collecting £14.448, far more than its original £1.500 goal, leading to the addition of animated scenes and daikimuras of the game’s cast.

You can see the game’s official description and sample screenshots below:

A series of four stories following the characters Karen, Charlotte, Sophie and Jasmin. Following their early lives and the decisions they had to make, whether to follow their heart or their head and how that impacts their lives.

Karen's Awakening

In the first story we follow Karen as the games protagonist.

After living in an emotionally abusive marriage she turns to a new friend for comfort and gets more than she bargained for, but before long her secret affair helps her to realise that she should leave her husband and start over. How will this story play out and the eventual confrontation with her husband. You decide in this visual novel tale with multiple endings.

Jasmin's Stripping

In the second story we follow Jasmin as the games protagonist.

Jasmin is unsure of her place in the world, working as a Stripper she is unsure if she should continue within the world of adult entertainment or take stock of her life and move on. Before she can make a decision though her boss offers her work that sounds to good to be true, will these new offers open her eyes to a better life or help her to finally move on, you will decide in this story with multiple endings.

Charlotte's First Love

In the third story we follow Charlotte as the games protagonist.

Charlotte has always been a bit timid, but on her eighteenth birthday things suddenly become clear as she realises she has been hiding behind the expectations others have had on her and been afraid to live her own life. In this story of young love Charlotte finally accepts her own feelings for her best friend and determines to make her life her own in this yuri visual novel story with multiple endings.

Sophie's Temptation

In the fourth story we follow Sophie as the games protagonist.

Sophie lives the life of a young carefree girl. She decided long ago to never say no and to follow her instincts no matter where they may lead. So far that has meant a life of frivolous enjoyment of her baser needs, enjoying men and women as she pleases. But will her choices have a price to pay and how long can she do as she wishes without consequences. You will find out in this visual novel story with multiple endings.


- A cute and fun set of well written story-lines.

- Multiple routes and choices that affect the endings.

- High quality characters, backgrounds and CG Scenes.

- Het & Yuri Scenes based on the characters of each story.

- 1080p window & full screen options.

- Multiple save slots and full VN functions.

You can purchase Negligee: Love Stories on Steam at 10% off for ‎$12.59. Starting on September 21st, the game’s price will go up to $13.99, which is also the price of Nutaku’s DRM free version. The game is compatible with Windows operating systems.

Note that due to the game’s highly adult story, Dharker Studio couldn’t create a censored version of the game, making their title one of the first fully adult games on Steam. This means that, due to local law regulations, citizens of the following countries will be unable to purchase the Steam version of the game:

Japan, Malaysia, Botswana, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Bangladesh, China, Lebanon, South Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Iceland, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia Guyana, Iraq, Dubai, UIE, Germany.

Customers from these regions will have to use Nutaku for their purchase. If you’d like to find out more details about this issue, you can read Dharker’s Studio’s official explanation on the Steam forums.

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