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Independent developer Matchasoft has released its first-ever eroge, titled Hard Work, on Denpasoft's storefront.

Hard Work is a short, raunchy, comedy visual novel developed by a new US-based developer called Matchasoft. In Hard Work,the player takes on the role of Mr. Gary Stuart, AKA "The Man," as he works his magic to help several workers at a company called Industricorp.

For a short story synopsis, more information about the game's main heroines as well as a few sample screenshots, look no further than below this paragraph.


Gary is the president of Bedside Logistics, a company that specializes in sexual counseling of a different kind. When Industricorp comes knocking asking for Gary's expertise to offer some motivation to three of their female employees, Gary is just the man for the job.

From the fiery Scarlett who's more interested in the moment she clocks out than any actual work, to the ditzy catgirl Katya whose idea of motivating her staff leaves something to be desired and the demure Celeste who isn't quite sure what she was hired for but she is earnest in caring about it.

Are you up to the task of doing whatever it takes to get these three motivated?



Celeste is an ambitious, eccentric young intern, recently hired onto the Industricorp force to do... something. No one's really sure, Celeste included. That doesn't stop everyone from adoring her quiet elegance and charm to the point of obsession, however, which the young professional finds deeply annoying. Celeste wants your help in finding her true professional calling at Industricorp.

Likes: Black Coffee, Jazz, Eggs

Dislikes: Rudeness, Artificial Flavoring, Selfish People


Katya is a casual, carefree Industricorp Project Manager, simultaneously everywhere at once and not quite all there. She had herself genetically modified into a catgirl long ago in order to raise her subordinates' morale, though it has yet to yield many results beyond a love of sunlight and a fear of vacuum cleaners. Always thinking with her "troops" in mind, Katya wants your help in becoming a more effective motivator.

Likes: Snacks, Sunbathing, Headpats

Dislikes: Vacuums, Sudden Movement, Medicine


Scarlett is the feared and respected (mostly feared) young head of Industricorp HR, responsible for anything from petty squabbles to actual HR concerns. Despite her title as The Demon of Industricorp, Scarlett spends most of her days wishing she could be browsing the internet or playing games rather than hearing yet another complaint. She needs your help to transcend the rumors and to truly become worthy of her title.

Likes: Confidence, Red Wine, Blood

Dislikes: Pettiness, Beauracracy, Cold


Hard Work contains a diverse selection of hentai scenes and sexual content. All character designs and character art are drawn by Katzchen, and the game is fully uncensored with no mosaics.

Hard Work is now available on the Denpasoft store for the price of $17.99, with a 10% launch discount for a limited time. Pre-orders for a physical copy of Hard Work will also be offered with a 10% discount and will also include a digital copy of the game. This promotion is only for pre-orders of the physical copy of the game. The title is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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