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New Omega Labyrinth Game Teased, Releasing on Nintendo Switch

D3 Publisher has teased their next game in the Omega Labyrinth series, titled Omega Labyrinth Life.

A few days ago, D3 Publisher launched a teaser website, which featured a luscious pair of breasts and a simple question: would you rather see a new game announcement, or see the breasts grow in size? Visitors were able to make their choice by pressing either the left or the right boob, and whichever group was first to reach 818871 clicks would get their reward.

The teaser was rather clear to those who keep an eye on D3 Publisher’s products. The new game turned out to be another entry in a series of dungeon crawlers centered around breast enlargement, Omega Labyrinth. Titled Omega Labyrinth Life, not much is known about it aside that it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year, with no release plans outside Japan so far.

There’s a tiny picture from the Famitsu magazine presenting some aspects of the game. Omega Labyrinth Life will feature a new cast of characters wearing slightly different uniforms than in previous games, and both the breast enlargement and paizuri item identification mechanics are still here. We’ll inform you whenever further details are available.

For those who missed out on the series before, Omega Labyrinth is a dungeon crawler franchise taking place in an academy rumored to house a legendary artifact capable of fulfilling one’s wishes; however, entry into the dungeon is available only one day a per year. The game’s protagonists usually desire a larger chest and do their best to fight for it.

The second game in the series was meant to be released in English, before Sony decided to stop the publishing effort after learning of the game’s content, in spite of what the various rating boards found acceptable. Meanwhile, the first game in the series was unofficially translated by devoted fans.

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