Lick twice for service

Ammolite's Bitter Exclusion, an adventure game with heavy themes of netorare, is now available for pre-order at MangaGamer.

Bitter Exclusion is an adventure game designed around bringing feelings of being alone and hated at school back to your mind. Unfortunately for Shouhei Kido it turns out that really nobody likes him and those that are friendly to him are being completely fake about it and the girl he had known since he was little, Aoi Nonohara, doesn't even care for him as a friend and has no feelings for him. Instead, his class is going to ride a train on the girl he loves behind his back over and over again out of pure unrelenting malice.

The scenario is designed to play at fears that nobody really likes you and that even those acting nice are simply doing it as a show. That the girl you like is taking dick after dick and none of it is yours. It should be pretty easy to figure out really fast if this is the kind of game for you or not.

If this soul-crushing organized humiliation strikes your fancy, then the two stars of the show of the desecration of Shouhei's pride and love interest is the woman herself, Aoi Nonohara, and Kaho Izumi. Aoi is a small-breasted, polite girl with short, blue hair whom Shouhei has known ever since he was a small child. Izumi is a more fun-loving girl with large breasts and long, pink hair who just really doesn't like Shouhei because fuck him. Both girls are going to get fucked together behind Shouhei's back as they purposefully keep him out of the orgy they put themselves into.

Both of the girls have a short description given to them below:

Kaho Izumi

A girl with a rough personality who’s full of emotions to express. She’s the type who loves to have fun. One of the people who started this whole game.

Aoi NonoharaThe protagonist’s mature childhood ”friend.” Though she can be foul-mouthed at times, she always maintains a polite tone of voice. Despite how long she’s known the protagonist, she holds no feelings of love or what have you for him.

Bitter Exclusion is available on PC for Windows and can be purchased at MangaGamer. It is set for release on October 11th and is available for pre-order for now. Its price is $14.95 however if you pre-order it now you will get it at a discounted rate of $13.45.

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