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Studio Gamaii has released Foto Flash 2 , the sequel to their sexy scavenger hunt game, on Steam,, and Game Jolt.

The pinup photographer returns in Foto Flash 2, the sequel of Studio Gamaii’s Foto Flash. This time, he’s on a mission to save a dying mall that hardly gets any shoppers. With the help of some quirky, scantily clad characters, he plans to create a pinup calendar that will bring back business to this empty mall.

Navigate through the mall to find sexy ladies who are willing to have their pictures taken. Play minigames and complete each of the girls’ favors to earn their pinups and create a raunchy calendar to return the mall to its former glory.

Attention shoppers! The sequel to everyone’s favorite sexy scavenger hunt game is here! Can you save a dying mall by making a pin-up calendar? Explore a dying mall and interact with a quirky cast of character as you once again set out to save the world with the power of pin-up photography!


- Explore a sprawling, dying mall.

- Meet a cast of goofy characters.

- 10 beautiful pin-up illustrations drawn by the very talented Raf.

- Soundtrack consisting of remixed mall muzak.

- Minigames galore!

This is a rather short game that will roughly take an hour to complete. Please keep that in mind before you buy.

You can purchase Foto Flash 2 on Steam and for the discounted price of $2.54 and Game Jolt for $2.40. After the sale ends on September 13th, the prices will return to $2.99.

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