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Yangyang Mobile Launches Kickstarter for Dating Simulator RPG Love Esquire

Indie game developer Yangyang Mobile has launched its Kickstarter campaign for Love Esquire, an ecchi hybird dating simulator, RPG and visual novel.

Today, Philippine indie game developer Yangyang Mobile has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Love Esquire. While many fantasy games have you playing a knight on a noble quest to save a kingdom, this game has you playing a lowly squire on a not-so-noble quest to lose his virginity.

Love Esquire is a romantic comedy dating simulator with 5 dateable girls — ranging from a plucky farm girl to a foreign princess. In order to win their hearts, you’ll need to allocate your time wisely. Uncover their backstories, get entangled in unexpected conspiracies, and indulge in steamy fan service.

As a below average squire, you’re also going to need to spend some time training. Practice your swordsmanship in the barracks to increase your strength, spend some time in the archives to increase your intelligence, or socialize in the local tavern to increase your charisma.

With its anime art style, the game brings its fantasy setting to life with painted backgrounds, expressive character sprites, and 40+ CGs.

Be sure to check out a few sample screenshots and a trailer below.



The game also features unique RPG combat mechanics. Rather than attacking the monsters head-on, players will have to rely on a knight to do the fighting for them. Taking on a supportive role, the players will have to turn the tide of the battle by healing, looting, taunting enemies, and boosting their knight’s morale.

Love Esquire’s Kickstarter launches with a base goal of $10,000, but has stretch goals which range up to $120,000 With the support of Kickstarter backers, reaching these stretch goals will add more features to the game, such as animated backgrounds, animated CGs, physical dakimakuras, a fully voiced game, and an RPG expansion which will allow the dateable girls to fight alongside the squire.

To its backers, the Kickstarter campaign offers rewards such as digital art books, exclusive harem wallpapers, the opportunity to design an original waifu, and the opportunity to design and name an important character in the game’s storyline.

The developers are also planning a social media challenge wherein the player community will be given a chance to unlock an official harem route for the game.

The game will also feature limited modding allowing players to alter the game's script, CGs, backgrounds, and sound effects.

When it comes to actual 18+ content, despite the game containing a big amount of fanservice and sexually suggestive imagery, it will not have an official uncensored adult patch due to laws governing the Philippines. Not all is lost, though, since, as previously mentioned, the title allows for moddable content, making fan-made patches a future possibility once the game releases.

As a special early bird bonus, backers who pledge within the first 24 hours of the campaign will also get a free Steam key of Yangyang Mobile’s previous game, The Letter, a highly-rated horror visual novel.

If successfully funded, Love Esquire will cost $19.99 on Steam; however, Kickstarter backers will be able to get the game for a discounted rate of $14.99.

For even more details about the game and comprehensive information about backer support tiers, be sure to visit the game's Kickstarter.

An alpha demo of Love Esquire is also available in PC, Mac, and Linux versions on Yangyang Mobile's official page. Unfortunately, modding is not yet a feature of the alpha demo.

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