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Bunny Costume Kurisu Makise Figure Now Available for Pre-order on J-List

A sexy bunny costume of Kurisu Makise, from the highly acclaimed visual novel and anime, Steins;Gate, has been made available on J-List.

Japanese merchandise store J-List has opened up pre-orders for a very special bunny costume Kurisu Makise figurine. As a lot of you may already know, Kurisu Makise is one of the leading characters of the 2009 Steins;Gate visual novel, as well as the 2011 anime adaptation. Kurisu is an 18-year-old genius neuroscience researcher and Lab Member No. 004 of the Future Gadget Laboratory, lead by the protagonist of the series, Rintaro Okabe.

Other than her brilliant mind and cute personality, Kurisu is also known for being exceptionally beautiful, as her bunny version figurine clearly demonstrates. The FREEing 1/4th scale statue of Kurisu stands at a whopping 42 cm tall (16.5 in) and is crafted with meticulous detail in mind. Exceptional craftsmanship of Kurisu's face capture huke's (original character designer) style to a T. A lot of attention has also been granted to all of Kurisu's body proportions in order to capture her subtle feminine curves and her long, slim, yet still supple legs. The torso portion of the bunny suit features a glossy reflective surface, detailing the tones of her stomach and upper body in a very attractive fashion.

Be sure to take a look at a few sample photographs of the statue below.

The 1/4th scale Kurisu Makise Bunny Version figure is now available for pre-order on J-List for $230.00. The statue is scheduled to be released sometime in April of 2019. Till then hold on to your hats and don't el psy congroo in your pants.

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