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Japanese indie dev Milk Force has released their latest corruption RPG, PRINCESS GO ROUND, on DLsite.

PRINCESS GO ROUND takes place in a kingdom built atop a magical seal keeping a demon at bay. As the demon’s magical energy seeps into the land, it materializes itself in the form of four magical beasts. Every 66 years, the royal family sends an heir on a journey to each of the magic gatherings to slay these beasts and make their power spill upon the land again.

It’s been 64 years since the last time the ritual took place. Princess Fleur Ambell is the next royal heir in line to undertake the difficult journey. As such, she dons a suit of armor and helps the army maintain peace in the kingdom, providing aid in hunts against monsters and bandits. She’s known for her skill, strength, and unwavering justice.

One day, upon her return, she finds a manipulative mage at her father’s side. The mage places a spell upon the castle, taking all men inside hostage. He has one demand of Fleur: that she goes out and performs the ritual early. To force her hand, the mage casts a spell upon Fleur, transporting her out of her armor and nearby the first magical site.

What Fleur quickly realizes is that no citizen of the kingdom has ever seen her face. Her overprotective father never let her out without it, and he has kept her mind pure as well. Naive and unrecognized, Fleur begins her quest, only to quickly commit mistakes within the adult world, one after another, and becoming lewder each time.

The game is an RPG made in RPG Maker MV. It features a simple one-on-one combat system, 44 scenes with a total of 56 base CGs and hundreds of variants. There are no game over scenes in PRINCESS GO ROUND, with all erotic content being rewarded for completing quests and exploring the world.

You can purchase PRINCESS GO ROUND over on for about $14.58. There’s a demo of the game there as well.

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