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Yeehaw Games Is Creating Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret

Yeehaw Games is creating a fantasy role playing game titledYorna: Monster Girl's Secret.

Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret sets you up with a familiar premise. You have a fantasy world of magic and monster girls putting you in the role of Ada, a well-bred mage of the noble House of Grey named. Ada arrived at a distant castle to find it completely destroyed and her sister missing. On the way Ada will defeat various monsters, improve as a mage, and potentially slut it up or remain pure. It is up to you if Ada will be a pure and virtuous mage on her quest, or if she'll have more cum go down her throat than actual food.

The basic plot is that Ada's older sister had been working on ways to use the power of monster girls to the benefit of the kingdom. Unfortunately, while studding a strange obelisk they had found, she was attacked leaving the castle destroyed and several dead or wounded. To top things off, they lost the monster girls they had been using as well. This leaves Ada with the difficult task of restoring the castle, gathering the lost monster girls and their power, and trying to find out what has happened to her older sister.

Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret features your typical turn-based combat system where Ada can attack normally, use one of her skills, use an item, or surrender. As one would expect, you can gain combat experience when you win in a fight. The clothing you wear will also gain experience, and when you level clothing up you can unlock a new skill to use while wearing it.

Losing a fight on the other hand will bring you to an H-scene with the monster you were fighting. You will gain experience in your lewd skills, which determine how experienced Ada is with specific sexual actions and if Ada is considered slutty or pure. The lewd skill that gains the experience is determined by the monster that defeats you. When it comes to the scenes themselves, each H-scene has a "slutty" or "pure" version you can revisit later on in the gallery. As long as you've viewed a scene on one of your save files, you can view it in the gallery accessible from the main menu. This allows you to see both scenes from a pure or slutty playthrough.

If you are interested in supporting YeeHaw Games you can visit their Patreon. The current public release can also be found on their Patreon along with guides listed for getting Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret to work on Mac and Linux.

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