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HunieDev has answered some crucial questions regarding HuniePop 2 in the game’s latest development vlog, the Hunie Direct.

The original HuniePop game has taken Steam by storm on release. The simple mix of a visual novel and a tile-matching bejeweled puzzle game appealed both to the lewd players, and the more prudish average consumers. While the game’s sequel was announced all the way back in 2017, it was only yesterday that we’ve been given a more detailed look into what is HuniePop 2 going to be like.

In a video development blog on the HuniePot channel, the team has revealed that HuniePop 2 will be a direct sequel to the first game. Players will again play as themselves, this time going on a vacation to a tropical island. The sequel will ignore the story of HunieCam Studio, a spin-off title that has now been declared non-canon.

Fans of HunieCam Studio won’t be left in the dust however, as one of the goals chosen for HuniePop 2 is to introduce girls from HunieCam into the mainline series and flesh-out their personalities. The team decided to create a roster of 12 girls, plus their iconic fairy. Among the HunieCam girls will be a couple of new characters, and two classic girls coming back from the first game: Jessie and Lola.

The video also reveals one of the entirely new ladies: Polly Bendleson, a male-to-female transgender still equipped with a penis. Her dreams are to be the perfect housewife, her hobbies involve girly things, and she earns her keep by making videos about beauty and fashion.

Sadly, the game is not going to come out in 2018, with the new date being set to sometime in 2019. It will feature a release on PC and Mac, with possible (but not guaranteed) releases on other platforms. As-is, HuniePop 2 is supposed to release on Steam completely uncensored, but this depends solely on Steam’s policy. If the game does go out nude, it will feature optional censorship for players who want it.

Aside from all this, the game will receive full voice acting, with Jessie and Lola’s voice actresses reprising their roles. The HunieCam girls might be recasted, but nothing is set in stone yet. Additionally, there will also be an option to play as a female character.

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