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MiKandi Has Added a New MiKandi Game Portal to Support Adult PC Games

Adult app store MiKandi has launched their new MiKandi Game Portal, which supports PC games.

MiKandi is typically known as an adult mobile app publisher that features full HD porn for Android users as well as adult adult games, animations, and comics. Recently they have decided to launch their "MiKandi Game Portal" which will add support for PC web games. Spurred on by censorship of adult games on other platforms, they wish to provide a service to host various uncensored adult PC games. Publishers can easily upload their PC web games to the new game portal where customers can browse through the full list of uploaded games.

The new game portal is more dynamic than the previous versions. This gives us the ability to add more features over time which will be really awesome for game devs. Additionally, MiKandi publishers have been asking for a feature that will allow them to interact directly with users and the new portal will give them that option in the Latest Game News section. –Nick, Software Engineer

Currently only Windows is supported; however, MiKandi has expressed their desire to add support for MacOS along with other devices. You can browse through MiKandi's list of games here, or if you are a publisher interested in uploading to MiKandi you can do so here. If you would like to browse through the other features that MiKandi has to offer, you can click here for the main site.

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