Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Marvelous plans to release a remaster of Kenichiro Takaki’s 3D brawler, Uppers, on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Last Resort Island is a place overcrowded by criminals, where only the strong can earn respect. Violence is a daily occurrence, and beating up people is the only way to impress the local women. Such is the reason why Ranma Kamishiro and Michiru Sakurai decided to go there and try their luck. With enough power and tenacity, they will surely become popular.

Uppers is an ecchi brawler from Senran Kagura’s producer Kenichiro Takaki, focusing mainly on coolness and machismo. Players will choose among 13 fighters battling to please the female audiences on various stages set throughout the island's bustling city. The game’s combat is slower and more methodical than Takaki’s other titles, focusing on precisely timed dodges and use of the environment. With the game’s exaggerated sense of power, players will be swinging from lamp posts, kicking away cars, beating people through the walls and floors, or kicking them into passing helicopters.

Uppers features a story told through VN-like cutscenes, presenting Ranma’s and Michiru’s struggles on the Last Resort Island and their crazy chase after women. As is standard for Takaki’s work, the game has some lewd aspects, with players occasionally uplifting skirts or face planting between the ladies' legs. Differentiating itself from many ecchi titles, Uppers features mostly mature-looking women.

The game was originally released in Japan back in 2016 on the PlayStation Vita. Just recently, Marvelous has announced plans to create a remastered version for PC and PS4 featuring 1080p graphics and an improved frame rate of 60 fps . This remaster of Uppers will see a western release, with a text translation to English and French, as well as Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Korean. Naturally, the remaster will also see a Japanese release.

The announcement is quite early, as there’s no exact release date yet aside from general plans to release the game sometime later this year. You can see the teaser trailer below:

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