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The fast-paced beat ‘em up game, SMASH BOY Ver. KZ has been released on Steam.

SMASH BOY Ver.KZ was developed and published by excessm. It’s a single-player, sidescrolling beat ‘em up that can be played with just a mouse. Play as a young boy as you fight through waves of evil older women in order to rescue the kidnapped heroine. Failure leads to the evil ladies teasing and toying with your body however they please.

The game allows you to customize your own attack combos and equip different skills to suit your own play style. Defeat enemies and level your character up to get even stronger. There is also a “Custom Battle” mode that lets you edit stages and choose the enemies you want to fight.

SMASH BOY Ver.KZ itself is the more toned down Steam version of One x Shota ACT: SMASH BOY, the fully uncensored version of the game available on DLsite.

Fight your way through an army of… evil ladies?!

Smash Boy is an action game that can be played entirely with the mouse.

Experience simple yet fast paced action as you battle against large groups of enemies in this single-player side-scrolling beat ‘em up.

Customize and create your own unique attack combinations and equip skills in order to raise your parameters and change your fighting style to your liking! You can earn “SP” from defeated enemies to strengthen your character even further.

The game also offers a “Custom Battle” mode where you can freely edit stages and choose the enemies you would like to fight.

Note: “Version.KZ” is a more affordable version of the game that removes certain elements in order to fit an all-ages audience.

You can buy SMASH BOYS Ver.KZ on Steam for $7.99. There is also a demo available if you want to play a little bit of the game before purchasing it. The full version transition patch, which converts it to the uncensored version, is available on DLsite for $4.88. You can also try out the demo or buy the full uncensored version, One x Shota ACT: SMASH BOY, on DLsite for $11.71.

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