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Sekai Project Lays Off Numerous Employees

Visual novel publisher, Sekai Project decides to layoff their marketing employees.

The layoffs came to light on August 13th, when Frances Delgado, former brand manager of Sekai Project, and Josh Kaplan, the former product manager and co-creator of Highway Blossoms, tweeted about how they were no longer employed by Sekai Project. Delgado states how an entire office got laid off and when asked for more details he replied,

All I know is our entire physical team is gone, as for remote people? I'm unaware if they were let go too.

Later that day, Christopher Ling, the CEO of Sekai Project, made an official statement regarding the recent layoffs and statuses of the games that they are currently working on. The layoffs were due to Sekai Project’s restructuring of the company. Ling explains that most of the marketing staff was let go, but the translation, programming, editing, and QC have not been affected. Sekai Project will continue the projects and crowdfunding campaigns they have started, but there could be some delays as the VN publisher adjusts to the changes and finds more effective and efficient ways to function.

Regarding the Status and Future of Sekai Project

Most of the staff that was let go over the course of the year was in marketing, whereas translation, programming, editing and QC are still diligently working on current and future projects. In the coming days, the company will be going through a restructure so we can be more nimble, focused, proactive and more like the company we were when we first started.

Regarding the Status of Current Projects

Many of you are likely concerned about the status of our projects, including our crowdfunding campaigns but we want to reassure you that they will continue although there may be more delays coming as we try to streamline our processes.

Sekai Project also provided a list of updates on their current projects to show how much progress has been made and that they are still working on them.

You can read the official statement about the layoffs and list of project updates on Sekai Project’s website.

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