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Tentacle Locker Released on itch.io

Annue and HotPink have come together to release Tentacle Locker, a simple game about tentacles fucking girls in lockers.

Tentacle Locker is a very simple premise; you are a force of tentacles with the simple goal of grabbing schoolgirls and pulling them inside of a locker to ravage them. You are not confined to only one locker in this task and instead will be inside whichever locker is in the center-most of your screen. While it is fairly easy to grab a girl, popping out of the locker will alert nearby girls of your presence, which will cause them to start running away. The sight of a freshly-fucked girl will also cause other girls that see her to start running the other way. Once you have a girl in your tendrils, you can just let things play out from an outsider's perspective as the locker begins thumping for a while before spitting out the unwilling participant with cum dripping down her legs. Pressing the space bar at any time while a girl is in a locker will let you see what is going on inside of the locker, though, for now there is currently only one animation for a girl getting fucked.

The game is available in-full at itch.io for free with the option to tip with your download if desired. The game still has more work that HotPink wants to add in. Among these are new girl types with different animations and options for the girl inside the locker being considered. Currently, Tentacle Locker is only available for Windows with no news on if a Linux or Mac download would be added. When it comes to the possibility of a mobile version HotPink has mentioned, "Maybe, but don't get your hopes up."

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