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A group of fans created an English translation of Omega Labyrinth, which is now available.

Omega Labyrinth is a very true-to-form roguelike dungeon crawler. The player controls Aina, a young high school girl who decided to explore a mysterious dungeon located nearby the Academy she attends. Said dungeon opens only on the academy’s founding day, and is rumored to hide the Holy Grail of Beauty, a mysterious item that can grant a wish, and possibly fulfill Aina’s dream of having a larger chest.

Every time Aina takes a step within the randomly generated dungeon, so do the enemies, making both traversal and combat turn-based. As Aina kills enemies, she accumulates Omega Power, an empowering energy that both makes her grow in strength, and breast size. Players can travel alone or with one AI-controlled companion, and are tasked with reaching the goal in one try, as leaving the dungeon resets it and takes away the accumulated Omega Power, effectively deleveling Aina. Additionally, losing means that the player’s and their partner’s equipment gets wiped.

Sadly, this pettanko’s adventure has never received an official English release, and with Sony cockblocking the Western version of the game’s sequel, Omega Labyrinth Z, it is unlikely that the series will reach our shores.

To amend this situation, a group of users on the GBATEMP forums decided to make the game accessible to the English audiences on their own, and hence created an English language patch for Omega Labyrinth. You can download it from their topic, which also contains patching instructions. Keep in mind that this release is quite early, and might contain spelling errors and such. If you do encounter any, consider taking a screenshot and posting them in the topic to aid the development.

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