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Virtual YouTuber Merrina Iris Promotes Bullet Girls Phantasia with an English Release Trailer

To celebrate the release of the Asian version of Bullet Girls Phantasia, H2 Interactive released a trailer featuring a made-up YouTube personality.

Bullet Girl Phantasia is a recently released third person action game in which a group of girls attending their local school’s gun club get transfered into a fantasy world overwhelmed by an invasion of orcs controlled by a dragon. Through the use of martial arts, guns, and tanks the girls will face the evils of the fantasy world aiding its people.

Just yesterday, the game was released in Asia. To celebrate this occasion, H2 Interactive has released a new trailer promoting the game. The five-minute clip has a cute and energetic catgirl, Merrina Iris, playing the game as a virtual YouTuber. She spends most of her time presenting the characters, skimping over the gameplay mechanics, and of course, playing the lewd interrogation segment of the game through most of her video.

You can see the promotional trailer below:

If you missed previous announcements, Bullet Girls Phantasia is a game mostly about killing legions of monsters using guns, blade, and fantastical magic in cloth-tearing battles. You can read more about the game’s general features, or about its interrogation system centered around poking and groping, in our previous news articles.

If you’d like to play Bullet Girls Phantasia yourself, you can purchase the Asian release of the game which features English subtitles. However, keep in mind that regional differences can sometimes cause issues with access to online features.

You can purchase the game for PS4 at the PlayStation Store for HK$432 (around $55 USD) or at PLAY-ASIA for $55.99 USD. For the same price, you can also purchase a Vita version on both the PlayStation Store and PLAY-ASIA.

Additionally, PLAY-ASIA is offering the collector's edition for $109.99 USD, featuring the original soundtrack, a full color artbook, a 3D mousepad, poker cards, and a collector’s edition DLC. You can find the PS4 version here, and the Vita one here.

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