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PQube releases multiple DLC outfit sets on Steam for Gal*Gun 2.

Gal*Gun 2 is the sequel to the first person pheromone shooter, Gal*Gun: Double Peace. Developed by INTI CREATES and published by PQube Limited, the Gal*Gun series invites you to charm and shoot cute girls while they wear a variety of wacky costumes. The game was first released on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 with DLC, now Steam is finally getting a taste of these cute, sexy, and humorous outfits for the girls to wear.

With 7 sets, each comprised of 3 alluring and humorous outfits for your girls to wear – there’s something for everyone! That’s 21 additional costumes that you can choose from! Whether you like nurses, maids, angels, or prefer a risqué dose of slime, Gal*Gun 2 caters to your every need!

Loved by many for its outrageous plot lines, cute girls and ludicrously entertaining shooting action – Gal*Gun 2 continues to deliver a genuinely unique experience and a take on the genre of rail-shooters like no other!

There are 21 costumes in all and seven bundled sets that come with three costumes each.

Set 1:

Bubble Bath Bikini set

Meowvelous Sweater set

Classy Bunny Girl set

Set 2:

Angelic Nurse set

Super-short Cheongsam set

Black and White Bikini set

Set 3:

Fighting Spirit Academy Uniform set

Venus Soccer Uniform set

Tiger-striped Oni Bikini set

Set 4:

Kungfu Cutie set

Sexy Shrine Maiden set

Alluring Belly Dancer set

Set 5:

Fancy Maid Mini-skirt set

Pole Position Pin-up set

Risque Apron set

Set 6:

Alice in DokiDoki Land set

Vice Cop set

Racy Ribbons set

Set 7:

Sergeant Suspenders set

S-Class Demon Buster Suit set

Slime Time set

You can find more information about Gal*Gun 2 on the game’s official website. You can purchase the game on Steam for $59.99 and the individual costumes for $4.99. The following links are for each of the seven bundled sets, which you can buy for $11.97 each: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Set 7.

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