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Yarrow Valley Has Been Released on

Arcade Party and DCS have released Yarrow Valley, a short yaoi visual novel, on

Created as part of the 2018 Yaoi Game Jam, Yarrow Valley is a small visual novel depicting the love of a strange alien plant man named Yarrow and a space-exploring black man named Havi. Havi managed to find a small little planet named Yarrow Valley, which is a world filled with countless types of flowers with Yarrow being the lone resident. Yarrow, a lonely plant man who mostly just sleeps and jerks off, is isolated on his planet while eagerly looking forward to Havi's next visit, hoping that the man doesn't end up leaving forever.

A mix of comedy and romance, you can watch as Yarrow and Havi's relationship takes off. Both men are afraid that the other one is only interested in them out of convenience, and that the other will leave them when another option is available. Havi simply believes Yarrow to be lonely by himself, while Yarrow thinks of Havi as just being interested in the flowers that populate his planet. You get to watch as the two bring up their issues and try to calm each other's mind about their intentions and desires.

The game features three original songs made specifically for the game and two different sex scenes. There is no option to play the game without the sex scenes, and the creators have stated that, "there is no PG-13 option at this time," with no set date on if or when a PG-13 option would be planned.

Yarrow Valley can be found on Arcade Party's at a name your own price rate. Paying more than $5 will also get you a 19 page PDF of the game's art. In downloading the game, you will get three separate files, one each for for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you want to support the creators or keep up with their projects via their Patreon at the following links: Arcade Party and DCS.

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