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Indie developer Supercircut Games is working on Metamorphoser 2.0, a fleshed-out version of their original NaNoRenO 2016 project.

Isaac is a gorgeous transfer student that recently enrolled at school. Everyone’s enamored by his looks, and he’s got overwhelming charisma, as well as a direct approach. He’s studying sciences, and due to some scheduling issues was transferred to Carter’s class. Isaac is full of himself. Handsome and intelligent, he’s out of Carter’s league, yet he chooses to sit next to Carter. Issac then hits on him without a second thought.

Carter is a law student. Despite the fact that he picked that major, he doesn’t have fleshed out plans for his future. He’s average or maybe even a little less than that. If a man like Isaac is showing interest in him, he’s not going to miss out on the opportunity. However, as Carter gets closer to Isaac, eerie things start happening around campus. Ghost stories and disappearances become the first signs of a mystery waiting to unfold.

Set in the near future, Metamorphoser is a science-themed visual novel originally made for NaNoRenO 2016, a VN game jam with no winners or rewards. Metamorphoser 2.0 is going to follow largely the same story, one with plenty of gay sex and violence. Though, it's planned to include extra routes with other characters — one for Isaac’s dad and another for Carter’s best friend. Additionally, the art has been refined and there will be completely new CGs, a remixed soundtrack, and quality of life changes like a gallery and scene select.

You can get the first demo of Metamorphoser 2.0 on at the price of your own choosing. You can also get the first version of the game from its respective page.

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