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From Top Hat Studios and Supper Hippo Games, the first person dungeon crawler Devious has been released on Steam and Nutaku.

Developed and Published by Top Hat Studios Inc. and Super Hippo Games, Devious is a RPG with visual novel elements and dungeon crawler gameplay. When the world goes to Hell, the four Arbiters, heroes chosen by the Gods, are summoned to put an end to it. Play as each of the Arbiters as they settle the tensions between nations and return them to a more peaceful state. Each of the four Abiters have their own combat style and unique story to play through. As they figure out how to reduce these tensions, they also try to find what their true purpose is.

Devious features different modes which allow you to play the game based on a preferred style. Story only mode is for those who want to play Devious as a visual novel without the dungeon crawling segments and gameplay only mode for those who want to skip the story and play for the levels. There are over 40 levels with visual novel scenes between each level. Devious provides you four stories to play and over 20 to 30 hours of gameplay.

About Devious

Devious mixes action-based, real time dungeon crawling combat with an intriguing, mature story about power, faith, and revenge.

Long ago, the world was united under the single kingdom of Nor - a grandiose regime that stretched to every corner of the land and sea. Legend says a single king ruled over the kingdom for many years, appointed by the Gods. But as the kingdom flourished, its size grew to its own detriment, and clashes between regions began to spur, and faith in the King began to wane. Fearful that he may lose his power, the King grew violent in his reign, and the people of Nor felt his wrath. But four heroes - The "Arbiters" appointed by the Gods - emerged to end the so-called Age of Blood. The soul of the king was split in four, and according to tradition each quarter of his soul spawned a nation. The Arbiters faded, but some say in times of great distress, the council of each Nation will appoint an Arbiter to take a pilgrimage, and hear the words of the Gods.

In a world on the brink of war thanks to the political and religious tensions between the four Nations, the Arbiters are summoned once more to deal with the growing international chaos; However, the Arbiter's return seems abrupt, and vastly different compared to the legend. Not only does there seem to outside forces influencing their every act, but even from the inside, they cannot decide on their true purpose.

If you are interested in Devious, you can purchase the game on sale from Nutaku for $18.00 and Steam for $17.99. After August 2nd, it will return to their normal price of $19.99.

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