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MangaGamer has announced an English Developer Week to celebrate new western visual novels being released on their platform.

Recently, there have been fears from developers of more risque games that Steam is not the platform for them. In response, MangaGamer is pushing to entice western developers and their fans towards their platform as a healthy alternative, without any need for censorship. For a week from Monday to Friday, MangaGamer will release a new western title on the storefront every day, which they are calling "English Developer Week".

This coming Monday will see the release HuniePot's HunieCam Studio. The spiritual successor to HuniePop, HuniePot went for a business tycoon simulation game this time around. This time you manage a group of girls as they camwhore themselves out to a willing audience. Your job is to gauge what people are interested in and manage your girls to corner the market on adult entertainment.

HunieCam Studio is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tuesday brings with it the release of Wolf Tails from Razzart Visual. An erotic visual novel, you will find yourself playing a recluse who abandoned civilization to live by themselves in the snowy woods. Despite wanting to live alone, you find yourself taking care of a wolf girl you found struggling to not freeze to death on your solitary property; however, this wolf girl, called Mirari, is of some importance to the group of wolves she comes from, and another wolf girl, named Fuyu, comes to take her back. You can decide how you'd like to progress through various dialogue choices and ultimately help shape what happens to these canines. As is standard for these types of games, some of those futures involve cock, played out through several h-scenes.

Wolf Tails is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Wednesday sees not just one, but two releases. The first one is the visual novel Tomboys Need Love Too! from Zetsubou Games'. Placed in the shoes of Kai, you play a man that is trying to forge a relationship with Sophie, whom he has been crushing on for months; however, your tomboy friend, Chris, is a childhood friend and she desires to make sure Kai sees her as more than just "one of the boys". You will be the one deciding if Kai continues to pine after the womanly Sophie, or if he'll start taking a more romantic look at his tomboyish childhood friend. There are 5 different endings between both of the girls, depending on your choices.

Tomboys Need Love Too! is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

There is a trailer on Youtube that you can watch below.

The second release of Wednesday is Love in Space's visual novel, Shining Song STARNOVA. You take on the role of producer for seven heavily flawed idols, all of whom are considered unfit for life as an idol. Where these women fail individually, your job is to form them together as a strong, collective unit known as "Starnova". You will also go through the harsher realities of the idol world, beneath the perfect veneer shown to the public. The story is a mix of comedy and drama, with all seven idols getting their own routes, featuring Japanese voice acting and fully-animated sex scenes.

Shining Song STARNOVA is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Thursday will herald the release of My Magical Demon Lover, a yaoi visual novel from Y Press Games'. Put yourself in the role of Tristan, the great-grandson of his town's protector, Percival, whom wants to learn magic like his great-grandfather; however, when Tristan is finally called upon by his great-grandfather, it is not as an apprentice as he had hoped, but merely to watch over the village while the old man goes on vacation. Tristan gets to choose one of three demons to mentor him in magic, but these demons want favors for favors, and you're not learning from any of them without letting them take pleasure from your body. This yaoi game has a splash of comedic elements in it, with ecchi scenes, 3 routes, over 50,000 words, and 10 different endings.

My Magical Demon Lover is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Everyone thought Tristan was going to be the worlds next greatest wizard. But then he graduated from school, never got summoned to be a wizard, and became a loser. After years of shitty work in a shitty tavern his ship has finally come in! Tristan wants to be a wizard more than ever now.

Percival is Tristan's perverted great grandfather who became immortal at fifty. He's protected the village for 100 years. He feels he's due for a vacation, and Tristan is just the guy to cover for him while he takes off to the Pleasure Realm.

Harse lost his beloved in the underworld and is incapable of loving another demon. He wants to be with a human and learn to share his love again. He'll be a kind, loving, and gentle mentor—but he's all seme (a top).

Karn is looking for a human to dominate into submission. As the most powerful demon of the underworld he can give Tristan the strongest magic—but it's going to be rough! Karn is versatile and can be either seme (top) or uke (bottom).

If Tristan isn't interested in sex with a demon he might want to pick Soren, who doesn't want sex. What he wants instead, however, is a little weird... When he does have sex Soren is all uke.

Finally, Friday will see the release of Love Ribbon, a yuri visual novel by Razzart Visual. A yuri incest story, a girl named Zoey is transferred to her older sister Iris' school, marking the first time the sisters have met each other. Their personalities clash against each other, setting off confusing and forbidden sparks between the two sisters. The game features several animated scenes as the two girls try to figure out their confusing relationship with one another. The game has a trailer on YouTube that you can watch below.

Love Ribbon is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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