Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Gal*Gun: Double Peace's pheromone shooting, demon sucking sequel, Gal*Gun 2, has come to Steam.

Gal*Gun 2, the sequel to Gal*Gun: Double Peace, was previoulsly released on Nintendo Switch and PS4, but now Steam users can join in the fun on their PCs.

After being chosen by the angel Risu to help her get rid of the demons at your school, you are bombarded by girls who want to do more than confess their love for you. When mischievous demons are causing trouble at your school and every girl seems to be infatuated with you, you’ll have to fight back with your pheromone gun to return the everything back to normal. Accept quests from girls to unlock new scenes to more the story forward. Rid the school of the demon infestation by sucking them up with your vacuum. Romance your favorite girl and enjoy intimate scenes with them.


The Craziest Shooter Yet!

Help swarms of girls escape their demon possessions by using your Pheromone Shot gadget for euphoric exorcisms.

A Gorgeous New Cast!

Woo the girl of your dreams in a twisting, turning story full of surprises. With the aid of alluring angel Risu, become romantically entangled with girl-next-door Chiru and childhood sweetheart Nanako.

Become a Knight in Shining Armor!

Manage your schedule to receive quests from the academy's love-struck girls, and satisfy their demands to unlock new missions and story scenes.

Harness the Power of Vacuuming!

Equip the awesome Demon Sweeper gadget, capable of sucking up Gal*Gun 2's pesky demon menaces… and perhaps some clothing too!

Full Motion Controls

Throw yourself into the middle of the action, and beware approaches from all angles!

Gal*Gun 2 is on sale for $47.99 until July 27th on Steam. After that date, it will return to its original price of $59.99.

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