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Developer Acerola's erotic RPG, Treasure Hunter Claire, has been released on multiple sites.

Treasure Hunter Claire is an RPGMaker game developed by Acerola and published by Kagura Games. It follows the story of Claire, a treasure hunter who is searching for a specific treasure that is said to grant any wish. After hearing that the treasure might be on the fabled island of Astroemeria, she travels there. Unfortunately for Claire, other treasure hunters picked up on this rumour and have gone there too. While in Astroemeria, Claire enters an old temple and meets a beautiful woman, calling herself the Goddess of the Island. The Goddess tells her that she is the descendant of the Legendary Hero who battled the Demon King a long time ago. If Claire wants to have her wish granted, she will need to collect as much sperm as possible to make herself more powerful.

In order to fulfill Claire’s wish of wealth and riches, she will need to accept quests made by the people of Astroemeria. Whether she completes those quests is up to you. You can complete quests to earn money and that can be used to buy better equipment and items. If you fail in battles, you will get a scene where Claire is being fucked by enemies. This is how you can collect sperm, and the more sperm you have, the more you level up.

Treasure Hunter Claire has multiple endings, over 600 scenes, and over 90 CGs. There is also a clothing system and multilayered corruption system in the game, so you can see just how far Claire will fall into corruption.



Hobbies: Sight-seeing, eating local specialties

Likes: Delicious food, money

Dislikes: Bad food, difficult conversations

An incredibly bright and energetic girl who also happens to be a bit of an idiot. She’s an optimist but struggles to comprehend anything too complex. Full of curiosity, she’s the type that has good intuition and will do all sorts of work happily. Of course, no matter how enthusiastic she is, she’s still a klutz who screws up while working. She lives like a leaf on the wind, bouncing from one place to another, freely enjoying her life as an adventurer. However, she has a strong sense of responsibility, and won’t give up once she’s taken a job. Due to her love of money, she tends to shy away from jobs that don’t pay in cash.


Hobbies: Collecting cat merchandise, working out

Likes: Cute things, books

Dislikes: Violence, bugs

She was somehow summoned from the modern world where she was a class rep. She’s perennially shy and can be a bit scatterbrained. The type of person that just can’t come out and say what she really means. Despite this, she’s an earnest girl with a strong sense of justice. A girl plagued with bad luck, she always seems to end up in some kind of trouble. Whether this world or her original one, isn’t it a bit absurd that her innate bad luck just won’t give her a break!? The mole on her chest is her charm point.


Hobbies: Walking, collecting beautiful things

Likes: Jewelry, catnip

Dislikes: Snakes, being stuck in one place

A perpetually upbeat girl who is also an idiot. Regardless of how bad things are, she’ll always look on the bright side. Her charming points are her cat ears. A slave to her desire, if something interests her she’ll pursue it with everything she has. Because she always says what’s on her mind, she often ends up in some sort of trouble. She loves being free, walking, and collecting things she finds to be beautiful. She’s light on her feet and takes pride in her speed. She’d rather not work, but due to certain circumstances, she’s doing so to collect money.


Hobbies: Training, collecting stuffed animals

Likes: Cute things (tries to hide it), sweet snacks/candy

Dislikes: Clever people, spiders

A cool elder sister type who is very serious. Or so it seems, in truth, she’s totally unreliable. As a result, that serious nature sometimes backfires on her. She’s incredibly strong, but because she always screws up, people look at her as the unreliable big sis? Has a shy and honest side to her that she tries to hide from others, as she’s scared they’ll find out about her cute side. Her clothes leave little to the imagination, but she wears them despite being easily embarrassed. She’s proud to be the descendant of a Fire Dragon.

You can buy Treasure Hunter Claire on sale from JAST USA, MangaGamer, and Steam. MangaGamer currently has it discounted at $14.96, while JAST USA and Steam have it priced down to $14.99. When the sale ends, the game will return to its original price of $19.95 on MangaGamer and $19.99 on JAST USA and Steam.

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