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Idea Factory’s 3D RPG about fairy tale heroines, Mary Skelter: Nightmares, has released on Steam and GOG.

Long ago in the world of Mary Skelter: Nightmares, a city was encased by a living prison, trapping people inside with nightmarish monsters called Marchens. Among the people was Jack, a boy who endured torture until a girl known as a blood maiden rescued him and recruited him to her team. Now, they’re on a prison break through a twisted hell full of monsters inspired by fairy tales and urban mysteries.

Originally released in Japan back in 2016, and brought to the West in 2017, Mary Skelter: Nightmares was a PlayStation Vita exclusive dungeon crawler. Two years since its initial release, the game has now become available on PC. It offers first-person dungeoneering through twisted locations inside an upsetting prison, with the company of cute girls inspired by Grimms' Fairy Tales and horror tropes.

The game features a unique combat system. The player's party is composed of blood maidens who absorb the blood of their enemies. Collecting enough blood briefly empowers them; however, if the blood was infected, the powered-up state overwhelms the girl, making her extremely strong, but also berserk. The protagonist’s blood works as an antidote for the infection, firmly guaranteeing him a place in the party and adding another layer of gameplay on top.

Additionally, there’s a lot of puzzle elements and mini-games in the dungeon exploration, from balancing on chains to blowing up walls or feeding the prison itself with the blood of the monsters to earn a spin of a reward wheel. Finally, the game features a wide choice of character classes and allows the girls to job change every time they’re in town, retaining learned skills regardless of which job they were learned from.

Aside from battle and exploration, there’s also a dating sim side to Mary Skelter: Nightmares, in which the player can visit their party members during their rest periods to give them gifts and raise the affection level, which will unlock extra story scenes. There’s also a rubbing minigame in which you can help clean stains of infected blood of the girl’s skin, as well as their clothes. Surprisingly, these elements were unaltered in Australia.

Below you can watch the trailer for Mary Skelter: Nightmares and peruse some sample screenshots.

You can purchase Mary Skelter: Nightmares on Steam and GoG for $14.99 at a 40% discount on both store platforms. Once the promotion ends, the game’s price will rise to $24.99 USD.

The game is also available for PlayStation Vita at the PS Store for $39.99.

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