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Bruni Multimedia is creating General Practitioner, an adult RPG visual novel that combines a medical, management, and dating simulation all into one.

General Practitioner is a visual novel that mixes a medical simulator with romancing characters. The title is currently in an alpha state and in development.

As the title states, you play as a general practitioner. He is customizable and can even be renamed. As a doctor, you have many obligations, but it is your choice to help your patients or indulge in selfish desires. Will you examine your patients, give them the right diagnosis and refer them to a specialist, or will you misdiagnose them and milk them for as much money as they can offer? The patients are all randomized in the game, so each playthrough will not be exactly the same.

Running your own clinic can become very taxing, so you’ll need to manage your life accordingly. Interview and hire staff based on four traits; medical knowledge, skills, attitude, and experience. There are different characters to hire, so their traits will vary. It’s smart to hire someone qualified, but they will be expensive. Hires with less experience receive low wages, but they might get better over time. How you manage your clinic is up to you.

There is also a dating sim element to General Practitioner. Bruni Multimedia plans to have dozens of dateable characters, both male, and female, with fifty characteristics present, such as likes, dislikes, occupations, etc. Go on dates with them and learn more about them so you can increase your intimacy. You can only go on one date per day, so you won’t be able to experience every characteristic in a single playthrough. The information you gather from them will be important, preparing you for when they test how well you know them. If you get at least five questions wrong, your date will leave you and you won’t be able to romance them anymore.

General Practitioner currently has three game modes. The story provides the full experience, vanilla is story mode without sexual content, and examination mode only involves the medical exams. There are thirty-nine medical examinations and nineteen story arcs, with more features to come.

The game combines a deep, engaging story about the Doctor’s life and will have players choose what to do each day. Will you explore the city, will you get to work to examine patients (both scripted and randomly generated), will you take your time to romance some of the characters?

Written in collaboration with a real MD, the scientific informations given are accurate. A codex will cover almost any illness you will find in the game. Topics will be accessible in-game by hyperlinks.

With three different game modes (Story for the full experience, Vanilla for the story without adult content and Examination for experiencing medical exams without story elements) the game will cover a full in-game year with about 100 scripted patients, 60 different random illnesses, dozens of characters to meet.

If you are interested in General Practitioner, you can learn more about the game and download it on Bruni Multimedia’s official website or page. You can support the game’s development by donating through Patreon.

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