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Nutaku has begun promoting their new tank action game, Tits 'n' Tanks, through an eSports tournament known as the Lewd Gaming Championship.

The world of electronic sports has been on the rise for the last few years and has even broke through into the mainstream, appearing on TV channels and becoming familiar even to the non-gaming audience; however, none of the gaming tournaments have ever taken place using perverted gaming titles.

Nutaku plans to change this with their Lewd Gaming Championship. Promoted as the world’s first adult gaming eSports tournament, the competition will feature a $25,000 USD prize pool, split among 64 contestants. The tournament is sponsored by YouPorn, who will also reward the contestants with an additional yearly membership on the website.

The tournament will make use of one of Nutaku’s latest publishing endeavors, Tits ‘n’ Tanks. While the game is an exclusively android title, it was already confirmed by Nutaku on Twitter that contestants are allowed to play using emulators.


Tits ‘n’ Tanks is a free-to-play, tank-centric action game, differentiated from its competitors through lewdness and a much more arcade-styled approach to its gameplay. Players are asked to pick from one of four different factions inspired by the German, Russian, or US military. Each faction comes with its own cast of soldiers and unique tanks. After choosing, players have to outfit their tanks with a crew of soldiers who not only look different, but also have access to unique active and passive skills. The game is played in real time, with the player controlling their tank on a three-dimensional battlefield fighting either against other players, or bots in the campaign mode.

The campaign mode contains an original storyline told through visual novel-styled cutscenes. The game takes place in an alternative reality and has the protagonist attend a military academy, where they battle in hyper-realistic VR simulations. Through continuous gameplay, both tanks and characters can be upgraded. Additionally, crew members can be cared for and given gifts in a special interaction menu. When they become more attached to the player, they unlock new pornographic scenes in the game’s gallery mode. Tits ‘n’ Tanks main method of monetization is a gacha system.

You can find out more about the Lewd Gaming Championship on its promotional website. If you’d like to try out Tits ‘n’ Tanks, you can get the game for free over on Nutaku.

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