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MangaGamer has opened pre-orders for physical copies of the popular incest nukige, Imouto Paradise 2.

Developed by MOONSTONE, best known for their work on the Princess Evangile series, Imouto Paradise 2 takes place far after the original Imouto Paradise. The original protagonist and his sisters from the first game have grown up and have children of their own. To be precise, they had one boy and five younger girls.

Like mothers, like daughters, the newest generation of sisters love their big brother, Shoichirou. When their parents are away, the siblings find new and enjoyable ways to express their love for each other. These sisters take this golden opportunity to get closer to their dearest big brother, no matter what. With the beginning of summer break, comes hot temperatures, fun events, and sexual tension.

After Shoichirou and his little sisters shacked up in the wake of Imouto Paradise, they began raising their new family together. And now, with the parents away on an extended vacation, the new generation of siblings follow in their family's footsteps, showing their love for each other in deep, heart-pounding new ways!

Imouto Paradise 2

It's summer vacation, and the Nanase family's parents have left the country on a trip.

Our protagonist and his five younger sisters remain behind to spend the break on their own, but...

Free from the constraints of school or parental supervision, the sisters have been making odd advances toward their brother, leading to a series of sensual events.

Faced with all this, the brother can hardly contain his arousal.

Just how far will the Nanase siblings go?

You can pre-order a physical copy of Imouto Paradise 2 on MangaGamer for $44.95. The game officially goes on sale on August 9th.

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