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TheWorst's sexy superhero game, Girls in the Big City, has been completed and release dates for partons have been announced.

We have covered the development of Girls in the Big City’s in the past. Now, TheWorst has completed the entire game and has announced the release dates for his patrons.

Girls in the Big City is an adventure game featuring comic book heroines and villains such as Wonder Woman, Raven, Harley Quinn, Hunter Zolomon, April O'Neil, and others. The story is that heroes and villains are somehow appearing in a different universe where their powers don’t work and they cannot return home. Zolomon was one of the first to end up in this universe. Knowing about this phenomenon, Zolomon tries to take advantage of the helpless situation to get everyone back to their own universes.

During the game, you'll play as multiple characters, switching from one to the other and completing tasks. There are minigames which allow you to earn money or raise your stats that can unlock different events in the story. Meaning, the more you raise your stats, the more opportunities you have. The sex minigames give you control over what you do in the scenes and how long you want them to last.

In a post on their Patreon, TheWorst thanked everyone for their support, summarized the journey that was Girls in the Big City's development, and gave details of the game's release schedule. The release schedule is as follows:

07.07.2018 - Beta Release +$10 Patrons;

14.07.2018 - Full Release +$5 Patrons;

21.07.2018 - Full Release +$1 Patrons;

Girls in the Big City is currently being released for patrons. You can check out TheWorst’s Patreon page to see updates and other games they're currently working on. You can also become a patron yourself if you wish to support their endeavors.

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