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Mangagamer has announced plans to bring many new titles over to the west during their panel at Anime Expo 2018.

Anime Expo is a great time to show off your plans for the industry’s future. Mangagamer came out with an assortment of titles aimed at every audience, announcing more yaoi, yuri, and rape - or rather, Rance.

The first title showcased by the publisher was Luckydog1. The title is a prison break story about a low-ranking mafia member trying to help his captains get out. It is a yaoi title developed by the indie group Tennenouji. You can read more details about it on the Luckydog1 announcement page, or see the opening video and sample screenshots below:

The second announcement appeals to the other kind of gay. Developed by Particle, Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! is a cheerful yuri adventure game written from multiple perspectives. The game’s story revolves around three girls: Yuno, Tamaki and Saeka, who become confused over their feelings towards one another in what’s essentially a love triangle. Note that this title is meant for all ages, and doesn’t contain pornography.

You can see the opening video and screenshots below, or find out more about it on the Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! announcement page.

Finally, Mangagamer has announced two Rance games, IX and X, allowing fans to finally experience the classic Alicesoft series’ finale.

In Rance IX - The Helmanian Revolution, the titular Rance becomes employed by Prince Patton Misnarge of the Helmanian Empire, who, after failing in his last military campaign, needs help in restoring the glory of his kingdom. Rance has his own goals, though: aside from planning to screw half the kingdom’s women, he wants to steal a rumored Helmanian artifact that can help him free his longtime slave companion Sill Plain from the prison of eternal ice. The game's story routes are greatly affected by whom Rance has sex with along the way.

Compared to previous Rance titles, Rance IX - The Helmanian Revolution is a turn-based tactical RPG. The game is structured into chapters containing story events and strategic battles taking place on a square grid. Units represent story-important characters and are distinguished by differing sets of stats, as well as unique abilities.

You can read more about the title on Rance IX - The Helmanian Revolution announcement page. Below, the game’s teaser can be seen as well as some sample screenshots:

Throughout the last 6,000 years, the fiend Kayblis has conquered all of the monster realm, slaughtering any who would oppose him. Meanwhile, in a much shorter span of time, Rance has saved nearly every kingdom at least once, and earned the love of each and every queen. When Kayblis launches his invasion of the human world, no other but Rance can stop him. He calls upon all the queens that loved him to unite under his rule, so that he may stop the invading legions, which begins the story of Rance X - Showdown.

Compared to Rance IX, Rance X - Showdown is an RPG game with something of a card game aesthetic. Contrary to Rance IX's 3D battles, the presentation in Rance X - Showdown is 2D, primarily due to the story featuring a massive cast of characters. The player’s task will be to manage humanity’s effort at repelling the invading army and to progress through the player-driven story. The game is designed to be highly replayable, with a single playthrough featuring less than half of the available content.

While Rance X - Showdown was originally intended for a 2016 release, it only came out just this year. You can take a look at the official teaser and sample screenshots below, or read more about it on the promotional page.

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