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The furry yaoi visual novel, Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain has arrived on Steam.

Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain is a yaoi visual novel developed by KAIJYU-09. Lagoon Lounge was first developed during the summer of 2012 and has received two sequels since then. Before KAIJYU-09 started the fourth entry in the series, an HD remake of the first game was made, which included some new additions. That remake is Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain. The remake now features an increased screen resolution, revised CG art, a new character, new story elements, a screenshot function, and language switching.

You play as a furry named Kuugo, who quit his job due to poor health and overworking. Because of this, his friends suggest he take a load off and take him to a seaside village to relax. During his stay, Kuugo learns about the frequent earthquakes that happen in the village, known as “The Giant Harusu.” Along with this strange occurrence, he receives a warning from one of his friends, telling him not to go near the fountain in the village plaza. Why do these earthquakes happen and why is he being warned about a fountain? You can find the answers in Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain.


The protagonist is a furry who quit his job after a decline in his health due to overwork. Because of his exhaustion, his old friend takes him in at a seaside village to recover.

Lately, there have been loud rumblings accompanied by mysterious earthquakes in the village. This phenomenon has been named "The Giant of Harusu". In this village being flooded with curious tourists, the main character will work as a waiter at a restaurant alongside his friends.

The main character also receives a warning from one of his friends soon after moving in. "Don't go anywhere near the fountain in the village's plaza." He will soon come find out what kind of threat it poses.

Game Contents

This visual novel has furry characters and homosexual content. This game's system emphasizes convenience and replayability, so you can chose any episode from a list after reading and easily make different choices.


This game supports multiple languages. With the press of a key, you can switch languages anytime during gameplay. This is a great tool for learning a new language!

If you are interested in Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain, you can buy it on Steam for $13.99. You can read read a more in-depth description of Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain and download the R-18 patch on the game's official website.

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